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First of all, I’m writing this post for you people out there who just LOVE to work your guns. Personally, I never isolate my arms. I prefer to let them get worked as secondary muscle groups when I do compound movments like chest presses (triceps & shoulders) and pull ups (biceps & shoulders). But, there are some of you who just adore sitting on your butt doing bicep curls, so…this ones for you! I thought I’d share the wealth of this article I stumbled upon with you.  Here’s a better way to work your biceps and get the guns you’re really looking for!

Your biceps brachii is responsible not only for elbow flexion, but for forearm rotation –  supination (palms up) and pronation (palms down). When performing your bicep curls, try grasping the dumbell towards the outside of the handle. With the majority of the weight now on the inside of your palm, your biceps brachii will be working not only to flex the elbow but also to keep the forearm supinated (to keep your palms up). Try doing this while sitting on an incline bench so your arms hang behind your body, putting more stress on the long head of your biceps, and you’re well on your way to flexing with conviction!

Some other ways to target your biceps the same way are to do supinated cable curls with a rope instead of a bar. Again, try doing this while sitting on an incline bench, and you’ll be cocked and locked, ready to fire! BOOM!

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