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Still Not Convinced; 40+ Reasons to Exercise

Posted by on Mar 3, 2016 in Blog, health | No Comments

Yes, you hear it all the time that it’s important to exercise.  Here are 40 reasons to exercise and pat yourself on the back for working towards your goals and yourself.

Here’s our list:

-Lifts your mood
-Improves learning abilities
-Builds self esteem
-Keeps your brain fit
-Keeps your body fit and able
-Boosts mental health
-Boosts immune system
-Reduces Stress
-Makes you feel happier
-Anti-aging effects
-Improves skin tone and colour
-Improves sleeping patterns
-Improves muscle strength
-Reduces anxiety
-Sharpens memory
-Boosts productivity
-Boosts creative thinking
-Improves body image
-Gives you confidence
-Helps keep you focused
-Improves eating habits
-Increased longevity
-Strengthens bones
-Strengthens heart
-Improved posture
-Improves appetite
-Improves cholesterol levels
-Lowers blood pressure
-Lowers risk of diabetes
-Eases back pain
-Decreases osteoporosis
-Reduces feelings of depression
-Prevents muscle loss
-Increases energy and endurance
-Increases sport performance
-Increases pain resistance
-Improves balance and coordination
-Improves oxygen to cells
-Improves concentration
-Improved self-control
-Lessens fatigue
-Makes life more exciting
-Improves quality of life

Be careful and watch out for the following contraindications of exercising here. Contraindications are movements that are not recommended because they are potentially dangerous. For example, running is potentially dangerous to an individual with uncontrolled asthma. For more information, read the journal by the American Heart Association here.  If you’re new to exercise or haven’t exercised in a while try not to do too much!  Start with a simple goal of walking briskly for 30 minutes daily or meet with a personal trainer to get you on the right path.

Do you have any other reasons to add to our list? Let us know!