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12 Keys Steps to our Nutrition Program

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A popular topic amongst those wanting to make improvements to their health and fitness is nutrition.  Nutrition is a dynamic process and it is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Did you know that the diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry?  Fascinating isn’t it?  An industry is generating billions of dollars, yet people are always left feeling frustrated and confused about nutrition.  That’s because the answer to improving your health, energy levels and body composition through nutrition is not a cookie cutter diet.

We believe in taking a holistic approach to obtaining one’s health and fitness goals.  Our 12 week nutrition and lifestyle program is designed to help you learn about and understand nutrition in a way to set you up for long term success, balance, sustainability and confidence.  We cover a variety of topics and apply change gradually over 12 weeks so that clients can adapt without feeling overwhelmed.

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Topics Covered:

Week One – Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Micronutrients refer to the vitamins and minerals in food.  Of course we all know that some foods contain a richer micronutrient profile than others.  It is important to obtain most of your calories through nutrient dense energy sources.  However we believe in balance and treating ourselves as well.  Macronutrients refer to protein, carbohydrate and fat.  These nutrients are needed for energy, growth, metabolism and various functions of the body.  If you have body composition goals, understanding your macronutrient consumption is vital in working towards these goals.  Everyone has a different type of metabolism and lifestyle therefore we all require different macronutrient amounts and ratios to obtain our goals.  For those who are looking to really understand the value of eating enough for their goals, we suggest tracking food on an app like My Fitness Pal while working with our nutritional department.


Week Two – Food Quality

Eating a variety of foods you enjoy is crucial to staying on track with your fitness goals.  We encourage our clients to seek out high quality foods and for those who eat meat, we put an emphasis on meat quality in this section.  That being said, our nutrition department is full of valuable advice for those following vegetarian and vegan philosophies.


Week Three – Meal Planning

Meal plans are not sustainable long term, so in this section we will not be providing you with a meal plan.  Rather, we will advise you how to prepare easy and healthy meals and snacks that will simplify your life, what types of kitchen equipment we feel you may benefit from using, and how to look at your day as a whole when it comes to fueling yourself.  Flexibility and adaptability are crucial to long term success and happiness.  We strive to ensure you never have to be that person who shows up to a dinner party with a premade meal in a Tupperware.  No one wants to be that person.


Week Four – Grocery Shopping

Have you ever thought to yourself  “man, eating healthy is expensive”.  We know where to find the best deals in town on healthy foods!  We are also full of tips on where to shop for interesting and unique ingredients to make your cooking experiences exceptional and memorable.  Thinking outside the box, maintaining variety and navigating the grocery shopping scene will be very helpful in the process of making lifestyle changes.


Week Five – Supplements

For detailed and personalized supplementation advice, we suggest consulting with a naturopathic doctor and can refer you to an expert if needed.  However in this section we will discuss common everyday supplementation guidelines, and sports performance supplementation.


Week Six – Hydration

Are you drinking enough water?  Many aren’t, or they try to cram it all in at once which can be tough on the body.  This day we will discuss how to set up a sustainable water consumption routine.


Week Seven – Digestion and Elimination

Let’s talk about poop!  Again, to discuss your digestive health in full we advise you to see a naturopathic doctor who specializes in gut health and would be happy to refer you.  We will provide you with some facts about digestion and elimination so that you are aware of the importance of this subject matter and can choose how to move forward with this info for yourself in the long run.


Week Eight – Treats and Happy Balance

You can have your cake and eat it too.  We do not advise deprivation, restriction or believe in “off limits” foods.  Socializing, and eating foods you enjoy is crucial for living a healthy balanced lifestyle.  Restaurant meals are typically not the healthiest choices, this is a common fact.  However moderation is no big deal.  For those who eat at restaurants frequently due to lifestyle we can provide you with some tips to strategize when dining out.  As mentioned in the meal planning paragraph, looking at your day as a whole rather than seeing foods or meals as “good” vs “bad” will help provide some clarity around how to balance restaurant meals vs home made meals, treats vs adequate micronutrient consumption, etc.


Week Nine – Lifestyle

Health and fitness isn’t simply about what you eat and what you do in the gym.  How do you feel, act and think?  How is your sleep?  How do you manage stress?  The mind body connection is a powerful force and we want to introduce you to the foundation of this concept.  If developing intentions to set yourself up for success is something you need more focus on, we recommend working with a life coach and would be happy to give you a referral.


Week Ten – Recipes and Reference Tools

Recipes are a great way to develop your creative side in the kitchen, try new things, and share with others.  We’ve got some amazing resources we are excited to share with you!


Week Eleven  – Be Aware of Nutritional Trends and Fads

Trends and fads are the foundation of the multi billion dollar diet industry.  We love busting diet and food myths so that you can move forward feeling confident about food for the rest of your life.  We believe in optimizing your metabolism, not suppressing it and we want you to feel energized in conjunction with a peaceful state of mind.  Food intolerances and sensitivities exist however these are very unique from one individual to the next.


Week Twelve – Summary and Conclusion

On the final day of the program we will reflect on the last 12 weeks and look at how far you’ve come, answer any remaining questions and celebrate the your success!  We love helping provide you with clarity to make long lasting improvements to your health and fitness routine.


In addition to offering a 12 week program, we also offer one hour nutrition sessions.  For these sessions we encourage clients to take a look at the offerings for the 12 weeks and choose 3-4 topics that they would like to focus on in the hour.  We offer partner sessions in addition to single client sessions for both 12 week and one hour sessions.  To set up a nutrition appointment or 12 week program, shoot us an email schedule@kalevfitness.com or call the front desk 604-568-6006.

If you sign up or contact us to set up a nutrition appointment you will receive one free week classes.  Sign up now!