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Take Your Fitness to The Next Level

Unleash Your Inner Warrior.

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The Revamped program was originally created by a group of passionate coaches and fitness experts who believe that everyone has an inner warrior waiting to be unleashed.  The combination of individuals who feast on challenges and personal trainers dedicated to pushing you past what you thought was your best brings inevitable success.

We’re excited to introduce to you our new Revamped Specialist – Jay – who’s been training hard with the KFS Team to bring you the program that’s going to take your training to the next level.  Revamped makes high intensive training fun and offers the same flexible schedule as our existing small group training schedule, and the convenience to come to class when you want.   

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How does it work?

It’s a 5 day a week program that has a different focus each day – 5 unique classes that together provide you with a complete workout regiment, including a variety of Kettlebell training, Barbell training, strength days, endurance and conditioning.  Your Revamped coach will keep you moving forward and pushing you further each week!

Weekly Program outline:

Class Times: 6AM/7AM/12PM/7:30PM, Monday – Friday  Full Class Schedule

Kalev Fitness Solution Revamped program schedule

Monday – Max Effort – Strength

Monday known as “Max Effort” is a Strength based workout that revolves around the “5, 3, 1” theory.  Mainly focusing on Front Squats, Dead Lifts, and Chest Press, rotating in 4 week cycles between all three lifts.  Your workout starts with warm-up, moving into 20-30 minutes devoted to the main lifts. Then you finish off with Kettlebells, Explosive Movements, & Core Strengthening.

Tuesday – Hell’s Bells – Kettlebells

“Hell’s Bells” is a class that enables you develop stronger joints (helping to prevent injury) and improve hand-eye coordination while strengthening and toning muscles. Kettlebells are a great combination between cardio and strength and are great for any age or skill levels. Your Hell’s Bells workout will include movements such as the Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Jerk Press, Snatch, and much more. 

Wednesday – Major Challenge – Competition Day

Your weekly full body work out –  “Major Challenge” provides a wide variety of toning, cardio/conditioning, strength, kettlebell, and body building workouts. Challenges start from 20 minutes and increase up to 35 minutes as you progress in the program.  The most effective workout possible!  Come cheer on your peers and push yourself through challenges like 300 “Spartan” workouts.

ThursdayMeltdown – Endurance

Named almost literally, “Meltdown” is a high intensity Cardio and Conditioning day that involves intervals, agility, team challenges, endurance, and all around full body toning workouts. Great for anyone that is looking for that next level of intensity, and is ready to sweat.

FridayTrainer’s Choice

Trainer’s choice (bribery does not work…)!  Your Friday workout will go hand-in-hand with Monday’s “Max Effort” workout, helping to develop Explosive Strength and Power through kettlebell and barbell workouts.

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Not sure if you’re ready?

Trust us, you are ready.  The time to take your training to the next level is now.  Come unleash your inner warrior!  While all levels are welcome, working with a personal trainer as an introduction to barbell & kettlebell workouts before taking class is a great way to get started.  Contact our front desk at schedule@kalevfitness.com or click here if you have questions about the program, want to sign up for a intro personal training session or to register for the program.