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The Benefits of Eucalyptus After Your Workout

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We have now added Eucalyptus towels to our facility. Now when you have your HIIT workouts you can cool off with a fresh towel. Here are some benefits of Eucalyptus after and during a workout.

1. Cooling: Eucalyptus oil infused into a damp towel has a cooling effect on your skin and body temperature which is especially soothing after intense training, like HITT or Bootcamp.

2. Joint and Muscle Pain Reliever: This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties. When used in a Epsom salt bath or in a homemade pain relieving cream, it sinks into the muscles to which relieves tension and promotes blood flow.

3. Antimicrobial: Eucalyptus has an antimicrobial and astringent effect on the skin. When applied after a sweat session, it helps to kill bacteria, tone skin and control oil production aka healthy, clean skin post work-out!

4. Breath Easier: The anti-inflammatory property of this oil is also very effective in opening your airways and may provide relief to your respiratory system after the stress yours lungs undergo during heavy aerobic exercise.

Please note: This may be helpful to people with asthma, however, no herbal remedy is mean to take the place of prescribed medication.

5. Aromatheraputic: Eucalyptus oil has a wonderfully stimulating effect that helps to keep your energy up and boost your brain power so that you can go back to work more energized and productive after your morning or afternoon session.

At Kalev Fitness, we not only care about you having an excellent training session or class, we also want to ensure that you are taking care of after your workout. We now provide cooled, eucalyptus-infused hand towels in for your use and enjoyment. They are located in the silver mini fridge by the water fountain in the main gym.

We are always looking for ways to enhance your experience with us. If you have any suggestions or ideas for how we can improve upon  our services please come have  a chat with us at front desk . We value and appreciate your feedback!

By Emelia

This blog post has been written by Emelia, she works at Kalev Fitness at front desk and is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.