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Want to #GETTOUGH ? Tough Mudder training is back

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#GETTOUGH with our Tough Mudder  12 week training program.

#GETTOUGH with our Tough Mudder 12 week training program.



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It’s that time of year again, Tough Mudder is back in Whistler June 18th and 19th. A race that tests both your mental and physical toughness, Tough Mudder is a 16 – 20km obstacle course that has you crawling through mud, climbing mountains, and conquering the best battle of all, the battle against yourself. Whether it is your first time racing, or you’re a professional, you need to be prepared.

Join our 12 week training program starting March 22 and finishing June 12. Specially designed by a collaboration of our elite personal trainers, this program focuses solely on one goal: getting you mentally and physically tough!

Starts March 22nd (12 Weeks)

Classes Available: (Choose 1,2 or 3 classes a week)

Tuesdays: 7:30 pm with Andrew
Thursdays: 7:30 pm with Mike
Sundays: 1:30 pm with Andrew

Early Bird (by March 16th):

1x/WEEK – $108 – Buy now
2x/WEEK – $192 – Buy now
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Early Bird (by March 16th):

1x/WEEK – $168 – Buy now
2x/WEEK – $288 – Buy now
3x/WEEK – $408 – Buy now

Regular Price

1x/WEEK – $192 – Buy now
2x/WEEK – $366 – Buy now
2x/WEEK – $480 – Buy now

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Whether your goal is to complete the Tough Mudder this year or just get in the best shape of your life, this is the training program for you. Our team of specialized trainers have put together a unique program that incorporates plyometrics, strength training, cardiovascular training with team-building and Tough Mudder-style exercises that are challenging and fun. You’re guaranteed to be stronger, faster and tougher by the end of the 12 weeks. Picture yourself at the starting line with your team, feeling stronger than ever and ready to overcome the toughest event on the planet. Our team can help get you there.

This program is open to people of all fitness levels; it’s for those of you who want to work hard, try something different and have fun. Have Questions? Just ask.