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Women & Weights Training Series

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Feel Confident.  Feel Strong.

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*This blog post has been updated from it’s original version April 18, 2017*


The Women & Weights Training Series is designed to help you confidently, and safely,  continue weight training in any gym.  Many women fear stepping into the weight room for the first time, whether an experienced athlete, cardio lover, dedicated spinner or yogi, this can feel like foreign territory for so many.  We’ve all struggled with the confidence to take ownership of the squat rack, or to make our way to a bench through what seems like a room full of more experienced, stronger gym-goers.

If you want to feel more confident in the gym, feel leaner and stronger, and learn how to lift – keep reading to learn how our Women & Weights Training Series is going to help you get there.

You’ll learn how to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine with a small group of  like-minded women.  No experience necessary – all-star personal trainer Alicia (photo above) will teach you the essentials, proper form and technique so that you can safely – and confidently – continue weight lifting in any gym.  She’ll also incorporate Functional Movement Systems and offer a well rounded education encompassing overall fitness.  “Weight Training” isn’t just deadlifts and bicep curls.

For those of you familiar with weight training, Alicia will provide new exercises to keep your gym routine challenging.  *NEW: Advanced class available!

At the end of this program you’ll  have the essentials of weight-lifting with the confidence to continue a routine you’ll want to keep up!  You’ll now have the option of our commitment-free 8 week training series, or continue training ongoing.  Contact us to learn more about our membership and payment options.



Advanced >>  Monday 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (classes ongoing)

Beginner/Open (8 Week series) >> Tuesday 6:30-7:30 pm *Next series starts April 25th!


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As low as $11 per class!  Save by signing up for a reoccurring membership (minimum commitment required, contact us for more information)

Single 8 Week Series no long term commitment >> $119 + tax

Drop-in class without membership >> $25 + tax

Membership for continued results! >> $44 / month



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