Core Training

Is a jiggly midsection getting you down? Your regular ab routine might not be doing the trick. Our core training at Kalev Fitness Solution is focused on toning and sculpting your abdominal muscles to reveal the six pack abs you’ve always wanted. But it’s not all about appearances. Strong abs are also important for maintaining optimal posture, and protecting your back from injury.

At Kalev Fitness Solution, we offer intense core training designed to help you build a strong core, and leave your stomach muscles burning for days! Quick and effective, these workouts are perfect for when you haven’t got much time to workout, as an addition to your regular routine, or during your lunch break.

If your regular sit-ups just aren’t cutting it and you’re on the hunt for an intense upper and lower abs workout, come try our core training classes at Kalev Fitness Solution. Classes are included in your gym membership, or you can drop in.

Get rid of those last few inches and build those washboard abs you’ve been dreaming of! To register for an upcoming class, view our core training class schedule.

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