Christian Kubas – Physiotherapist, Kinesiology - Kalev Fitness Solution

It’s not an overstatement to call Christian a fitness expert. If you’ve got a question, he’s got an answer. He currently holds a Masters of Physical Therapy from UBC and a Bachelor of Kinesiology with an exercise science focus. He is also a member of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. With his strong academic background, Christian utilizes evidence-based practice to guide his exercise prescription to optimize fitness and rehabilitation goals. He ensures all his programs are backed by science, whether it is directed towards sport-specific conditioning, injury management, postural correction or general fitness. With experience training a variety of clients from post-surgery all the way up to elite athletes, Christian can bring you to the next level. He is committed to enhancing your overall well-being by incorporating an eclectic mix of exercises to keep you learning and having fun. Above all, he’s simply an incredibly likeable guy who you’ll love training with. Outside of the gym and clinic, Christian enjoys playing rugby, tennis, running, golf and hiking.

You’ll want to train with Christian if… You want to maximize what it means to work with an elite trainer. You’ll be working with one of the top trainers in Vancouver!

Christian keeps me moving regardless of injuries. He is able to modify and adapt his workout plans to keep me out of pain while still giving me an effective session. Christian also provides education during the session to help me better understand what I need to be doing and why, while keeping it fun.


Christian Kubas has been my trainer for over two years. He has guided me successfully through two unrelated injuries and helped me maintain a good level of fitness even when I could not participate in some of my favourite modes of exercise. Christian understands middle-aged bodies, our limits, and safe methods to improve mobility and strength. He is skilled, quick to adapt, and generous with his knowledge. As a person, I find him friendly and humorous, but always focused on the workout. I highly recommend him.