Mina Gerges - Kinesiology - Kalev Fitness Solution

Who is your IDEAL client:

a person who wants to move and perform better, functional movement

Specialities: Knee injuries, postural and imbalance improvements/corrections for back pain, tennis and soccer strength and conditioning

You’ll want to train with Mina if… You have a knee problem, correct your biomechanics, cycle, run better, improve agility and speed, have a back issue


  • UBC ‐ Kinesiology
  • ACSM (American College Sports …)
  • CEC (Individual Exercise Programming for Clinical Population)
  • Lifeguard!

Why: Had a bad knee injury before going to University and had a poor rehab process so that inspired me to be able to help others better.

Mina ‐ spotlight
Outside of the gym: Play soccer, biking, beach in the summer, read (non‐fictional), social outings, movie guru (I go once or twice a week ‐ film festivals, indies, etc)