Spin & Sweat | Kalev Fitness Solution

Ready to blast away fat, tone your butt and thighs, and sweat like you’ve never sweat before? It’s time to try a spin class at Kalev Fitness Solution!

Spin classes are an extremely popular way to burn tons of calories while toning your muscles and getting an awesome total body workout. Performed in a group fitness setting with upbeat music and a motivating instructor, spin class is an exciting way to get fit via bike, and you don’t have to pay attention to staying in the right lane.

Your spin class instructor will guide you along a varying course on your stationary bike, including warm-ups, hills, intervals and cool-downs. You can also adjust your resistance and speed to suit your preferences, or push yourself hard to reach your fitness goals faster.

With a spin class at Kalev Fitness Solution, you can supplement your regular fitness routine and keep your workouts fun. You’ll leave class feeling energized, and on the road to the butt and thighs you’ve always wanted!

Spin class participation is included in the Small Group Training membership and the Executive Gym Membership, or you can drop in.

To register and reserve your spot in class, view the schedule.

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