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What’s Brewing: Coffee vs. Green Tea

Waking up in the morning, most people grab for two things 1) Their phone, and 2) their morning coffee or tea.

Obviously this post isn’t going to be about whether or not you should reach for your phone first thing in the morning (we know you’re going to do it regardless) but rather which morning brew is better for you, coffee or green tea.

Now, there is a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, of information about this topic on the internet – but which sources can you trust.

We have come up with  a chart to compare the two steamy drinks to make life a little easier for you. Now, keep in mind that we are comparing organically grown coffee with nothing added to it, as well as an organically grown green tea with nothing added to it – and of course, all quantities are within moderation.

Coffee vs. Green Tea; here’s what’s brewing:

100% Organic Coffee – Black
-Can help boost memory
-Can help lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease
-Can help lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
-Can help protect from some types of cancer
-Aids in liver protection
-Helps to fight off diabetes
-Boosts your workout and performance
-Helps fight against depression
-May lower risk of stroke

100% Organic Green Tea 
-Helps fight diabetes
-aids in heart protection
-Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol
-Aids in skincare
-Helps fight against depression
-Can help lower risk of Parkinson’s Disease
-Can help lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
-Regulates and boosts metabolic function
-Promotes healthy gums and teeth
-Combats allergies

As you can see, these hot bevies are pretty similar. They only real difference is in taste and caffeine levels. Green tea typically has less caffeine than a cup of black coffee, but coffee does come in different roasts with less caffeine.
Fact: The roasting process in coffee extracts caffeine from the bean.  So the darker the roast, the less the caffeine.