Kateryna - Family Fitness Coach | Vancouver Personal Training

Meet Kateryna

I am excited to be joining the Kids Fitness team! I started my own journey in sport as a gymnastics competitor and a professional dancer. I participated in many championships and as part of the teams, have helped train many kids around Europe and the Middle East.

My focus for the Kids Fit program includes gymnastics basics, flexibility, mobility, basics of dance movements, and developing an ear for music. The sessions have sequential learning tasks but the practice is in a playful atmosphere, full of fun and enjoyment. I do ask for good discipline in my classes but at the same time I respect my students’ feelings as well. I want them to feel at ease and enjoy our time together. Paying attention to each child’s personality and comfort levels is the best way to make progress with the younger age set.

You can read more about Kateryna’s credentials here: Kateryna Grushko