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KFS is pleased to add the following trainers to the new Family Fitness component! Please check out their Fitness Training credentials, but here’s why we are especially recommending them for our Kid Fit programs.

Meet Paula

Hola! It’s Paula here! I’m proud to admit that my input and encouragement was one of the spearheads in KFS developing the new Family Fitness program! What a great new initiative!

As a Physical Education teacher, I have coached Rhythmic and Artistic gymnastics for 9 years and am honoured to say that my group of 3-17 year olds made it to National competitions! I have worked with many levels of expertise, always helping my students learn new skills and refine their goals. As a coach, I know how to help each student put together their individual plan to develop the skills necessary to progress to the next level. Needless to say, I am fully experienced in all the exercises and equipment involved in both competitive and recreational gymnastics!

Movement and dance are an integral part of my teaching, as we strive towards body control and eventually, a sense of grace and fluidity. Laughter and fun are an essential part of my training sessions, because I am doing what I love and I want the kids to love it too! I am a firm believer in the benefit of starting kids off early with targeted physical activities… the sooner the better! I am ready to go… so sign up your kids now!

You can read more about Paula’s credentials here

Paula Molina


Recreational Gymnastics:

You may be wondering… what is “Recreational Gymnastics” all about?
Recreational gymnastics are non-competitive classes in what is termed “General Gymnastics”. The sport of gymnastics develops an athlete’s strength, flexibility, coordination, and body control. It includes running, jumping, tumbling, and balancing. Acrobatic feats may include somersaulting, flipping, backflips, handstands, and cartwheels. General Gymnastics classes consist of warm-up routines, floor skills, and the use of bars, beams or different elements like ropes, clubs and hoops.

Gymnastics for kids provides an outlet to release that youthful energy while also acquiring important physical skills. Self-confidence is enhanced through the components of creativity and performance. An early start with toddler gymnastics is of huge benefit to cultivating the development of body control. Of even greater importance, however, participating in gymnastics can help pave the way for the healthy habit of physical fitness throughout the child’s lifetime. Additionally, it lays a strong foundation for whatever sports or physical activities they may choose to pursue. In short, gymnastics for kids enhances physical development while also boosting confidence and self-esteem. With the proper support of trained coaches, it gives the child an opportunity to love and value themselves just the way they are, while learning that they also have the choice and ability to pursue new goals. Oh, one more thing… it’s FUN!

Family Fitness + Recreational Gymnastics