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Paul’s Coffee Time Snack (everyone else’s lunch)

Click here for Cous Cous Salad Recipe! Paul’s  Coffee time snack (equivalent to most people’s lunch) Healthy Cous Cous Salad: (great for Vegans, Vegetarians and most other health conscious individuals, Meataterians may find satisfaction also) This recipe yields approximately 5 servings  (or more) Ingredients: 1         Cup of whole wheat cous cous 2         1 full package […]

GREG SMITH: Nutritionist, Trainer and Epitome of Strength

You see him doing weighted pull-ups in the gym, impossibly heavy squats and lateral straight leg arm hangs. Who is this machine who epitomizes strength? Ladies and gentleman it is the one and only Greg Smith, KFS long-time trainer and nutritionist Whether you’re a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic-level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. […]


Remember the monkey bars? How about the exhilaration of running out to the playground, ready to hop, skip, and climb your way to exhaustion? Whatever happened to the days of non-stop fun, when playtime meant movement and going inside for dinner was like a prison sentence? When did free time turn sedentary and exercise a […]

Christian Kubas: Trainer, Aspiring Physiotherapist, Great Debater

Christian Kubas has been with KFS since 2009 and is one of three resident Kinesiologist. Always up for debate and never one to back down from a challenge, Christian impresses even the most confident with his assessment of just about any subject, scientific or otherwise. Christian is not to be trifled with when it comes […]

Six Tips to Lose Weight

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Weight loss is a common goal and difficult to accomplish alone. Below are six tips to consider as you embark on this difficult task. 1)     PLAN: Establish your goals first and articulate why they are important to you. Set up a timeline and a plan for exercise and healthy eating. 2)      MAINTAIN INTENSITY: Keep your […]

Water for Weight Loss

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You heard right! Drinking water will help with your weight loss. If you are eating right and exercising with your trainer on a regular basis then try drinking more water. Many people don’t drink enough water daily which means their bodies aren’t functioning at optimal capacity. Therefore, their metabolism is not burning as many calories […]

Join the Kalev Running Group!

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RUN!  Are you a runner, recreational jogger or wanna-be marathoner? Join the running group at Kalev Fitness and improve your running ability, whether racing or just hitting the pavement. Trainers Lyz and Sean will design a progressive training program for all ability levels. Two weekly sessions will focus on speed intervals (Wednesday) and endurance training […]

The Vegan Debate

The trainer room at KFS is an exciting place. Office, change room and refuge, it’s a coveted cubby where knowledge, experience and innovation meet to create individual client programs. This 50 sq. ft. crawl space provides a breeding ground for ideas and debate. One hot topic that has been generating conversation is the vegan diet. […]

Team Kalev’s Spartan Trainer Spotlight

VIRGIL ISAACS Who is the man at the gym in the barefoot runner’s? This special man of mystery is the other half of the our Spartan Team trainers and does not disappoint when he shows up to kick your butt. Not lacking in opinion, Virgil provides intelligent discussion with his fitness and health advice and […]

Team Kalev’s Spartan Trainer Spotlight

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LAURA EDWARDS If you have been in the gym you have seen Laura, our resident Xfit expert. Whether she is pumping up her clients for (another) set or pumping up herself for (another) set, Laura impresses even the fittest of gym goers with her intensity, challenging workouts and motivational “chants”. So who is this amazing […]