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Instability Training: Should YOU be doing it?

Have you ever seen someone performing squats on a stability ball? Do you wonder why your fellow gym-goer is lifting weights while standing on a bosu? Instability training involves performing exercises on an unstable surface with the goal of increasing balance while strengthening stabilizer muscles. But how effective is this training mode in increasing power […]

Lemon-Garlic Shrimp & Vegetables

From EatingWell: March/April 2008 With summer comes the desire to be out and about and not laboring in the kitchen. Here’s a healthy twist on shrimp scampi that is easy and fast to prepare. We left out the butter and loaded the dish up with red peppers and asparagus for a refreshing summer meal. Serve […]

Injury Prevention Guidelines

1) Proper Nutrition -Studies have shown that injury, pain, and degenerative diseases increase with decreased pH levels. That being said, choose foods that will keep your body more alkaline rather than acidic. -Stay hydrated!! -Increase omega 3 fats because they reduce inflammation. -Avoid over using non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) because they can […]

Best Intensity to Burn Fat

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So what is the best way to burn off that unwanted fat? Is it low intensity exercises or more fast paced ones? You may have heard that low intensity exercises will primarily use fat for energy. This is true however the total amount of energy expended will be less than a higher intensity workout. Training […]

How Do Muscles Work?

Muscles move our bodies. They help us get from one place to another. It’s difficult to think of many times during the day where muscles within us aren’t working. Even while we’re sleeping there are muscles that keep us breathing and help to digest food. At the simplest level, muscles contract and relax. It is […]

Avoiding Halloween Horror: The Nutrition Edition

  Halloween is fast approaching, and with that comes plenty of chocolate,candy, and sugar filled treats to indulge in!  It may not be a Halloween horror,  but don’t be fooled, those tiny treats can pack a ton of sugar and calories!  It seems so easy to eat a bunch of the ‘mini’ candy bars in one sitting […]

How Rules Equal Rewards

Sticking to a consistent workout regime often seems hard enough, but throwing good nutrition into the equation can throw many people hoping to change their lifestyle over the edge of what they consider to be attainable. Most of us, having heard time and time again the phrases ‘bit by bit’…and ’slow and steady wins the […]

New Team Members at Kalev Fitness Solution!

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Kalev Fitness Solution would like to officially welcome and introduce our new team members. The new faces you’ll see around the gym are: Josh Hodges (left) Originally from Sydney Australia, Josh arrived in Canada in 2006 bringing with him years of experience in health and fitness, including weight training and body building. Competing in sport […]

Turkey Hangover

If you went a little … well overboard this season don’t worry, you’re not alone… most people gain about 2 pounds on average during the Christmas season.

Calorie Counting Made Easy!

The idea of counting calories never really appealed to me. I always felt like it was a very time consuming activity that would only stress me out. I figured eating a clean and healthy diet would be enough… and usually it is… However, with the holidays coming up I was curious to see how many calories I actually consume in a day