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Attention all Stair Climbers: Stair Climb tip # 2

CLIMBING WITH KALEV To help you prepare your body for the Stairclimb, fitness pro Kalev from Kalev Fitness Solution will be providing tips and tricks to help you train effectively! Here’s Tip #2: Incorporate squats and single-leg step-ups on a bench or stairs. Click here to see video demonstrations by Michelle. These exercises will help […]

The Winter Challenge

Today, December 1st 2012, marked the final stage of the Kalev Fitness Winter Challenge. Competitors have been training grueling workouts for weeks leading up to the big day, the day of the Challenge:     3 Intense Workouts       2 Skill Levels      1 Victor from each “Death or Glory” is what they they murmered under their […]

Winter Challenge

On Saturday, December 1 get ready for the… The Kalev Winter Challenge 3 Workouts 2 Levels 1 Day   Whether you consider yourself a beginner or elite we want to offer you the opportunity to show us and everyone else what you’ve got!   Train with our group to ensure you have the edge on […]

GREG SMITH: Nutritionist, Trainer and Epitome of Strength

You see him doing weighted pull-ups in the gym, impossibly heavy squats and lateral straight leg arm hangs. Who is this machine who epitomizes strength? Ladies and gentleman it is the one and only Greg Smith, KFS long-time trainer and nutritionist Whether you’re a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic-level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. […]


Remember the monkey bars? How about the exhilaration of running out to the playground, ready to hop, skip, and climb your way to exhaustion? Whatever happened to the days of non-stop fun, when playtime meant movement and going inside for dinner was like a prison sentence? When did free time turn sedentary and exercise a […]

Christian Kubas: Trainer, Aspiring Physiotherapist, Great Debater

Christian Kubas has been with KFS since 2009 and is one of three resident Kinesiologist. Always up for debate and never one to back down from a challenge, Christian impresses even the most confident with his assessment of just about any subject, scientific or otherwise. Christian is not to be trifled with when it comes […]

Team Kalev’s Spartan Trainer Spotlight

VIRGIL ISAACS Who is the man at the gym in the barefoot runner’s? This special man of mystery is the other half of the our Spartan Team trainers and does not disappoint when he shows up to kick your butt. Not lacking in opinion, Virgil provides intelligent discussion with his fitness and health advice and […]

Instability Training: Should YOU be doing it?

Have you ever seen someone performing squats on a stability ball? Do you wonder why your fellow gym-goer is lifting weights while standing on a bosu? Instability training involves performing exercises on an unstable surface with the goal of increasing balance while strengthening stabilizer muscles. But how effective is this training mode in increasing power […]

Kettle Bells: Are they worth it?

How effective are kettle bell workouts? From the Globe and Mail: June 10, 2012 We’ve seen them in the gym, trainer’s include them in sessions and they look so cute with their sleek appearance and handle. It’s the kettle bell and it’s quickly becoming a common workout tool. But how effective are these little round […]

Best of Vancouver Awards

Best of Vancouver Do you have a favorite gym, personal trainer or fitness class in Vancouver? It’s that time of year again when we vote for our favorite Vancouver shops, stops and highlights. The Georgia Straight’s annual Best of Vancouver gives YOU the chance to pick your favs and let everyone know where to go, what to […]