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Map-Both-Locations---YALETOWNKalev Fitness Yaletown is our private facility at 840 Cambie Street. This space is an exclusive training studio for one-on-one personal training and specialized Yaletown bootcamps. It has a discrete entrance and is not open for general gym access. It was created for high profile clients who require discretion as well as those who suffer from the dreaded “gym phobia.” Have you ever thought “I need to get in shape before I’m ready for the gym”? If so, a Yaletown personal trainer at our private facility is exactly what you’re looking for. Imagine working out in a fully-equipped gym with state of the art equipment and no distractions. It’s just you and your trainer, solely focused on your fitness mission.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a membership, we offer affordable 90 day personal training programs, as well as 4-10 week bootcamps. Want to learn more? Contact the front desk at Kalev Fitness Solution to discuss how you can begin training with a Yaletown personal trainer or join a bootcamp at Kalev Fitness Yaletown. Please note that all Yaletown personal training sessions are by appointment only and consultations are conducted at our main location, Kalev Fitness Solution at 128 West Pender Street in the Sun Tower.

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If you’ve been injured, we can work with ICBC, your doctor and your physiotherapist to help you recover quickly.

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