Brendan Garland – Personal Trainer | Vancouver Personal Training

Energy sparked with charisma, describes the spirit of our trainer, Brendan. His upbeat attitude always comes with a liberal dose of fun! Brendan’s mindset of “always harder than the last time” spurs his clients to become the best form of themselves, while remembering to enjoy the journey!

Through 15 years of competition, Brendan has trained in numerous styles and settings and with countless coaches and trainers. He was a competitive tennis player, swimmer, hockey player and track and field athlete! These experiences equip him with the wide variety of skills and knowledge that he brings to every session. He uses his deep roots in competitive sports to encourage you to push the limits of your comfort zone.

Brendan’s current focus is bodybuilding and achieving the best form possible. This includes special attention to injury prevention and mobility. After enduring knee surgery and multiple severe injuries, Brendan has a special respect for ensuring that all his clients work out safely!

Whatever your goals may be, Brendan will help get you to them. He is perfectly equipped to coach any skill level and age, and while pushing you, he’ll ensure you’re supported and enjoying yourself.

Brendan’s story exemplifies how fitness training can benefit you in many ways!

Brendan-Garland-e1678306148990-300x240“No matter what I’m going through, sports and being active have always been there for me. Not only do I get enjoyment out of them, but when going through a rough patch, being active can bring a lot of clarity and really make a difference in improving your mental health. My goal is to be able to share my passion for being active with others. I genuinely love working with people and no matter what I do, I can’t get away from coaching. After coaching swimming for 6 years and tennis for a while, going into personal training seemed like a natural progression. I plan to keep learning and improving my skill set so I can then share it with others.”

Experience &  Certificates:
15 years of Competitive Sports
10 years coaching swimming and tennis

Personal Interests:
Brendan likes to keep up with as many of his sports as he can! Rock climbing is another favourite free time activity!