Calvin Shao - Kinesiologist/trainer - Kalev Fitness Solution

Calvin is an optimistic and passionate Kinesiologist/trainer who gets excited over clients’ success. As an athlete, Calvin has experienced a variety of fitness outlets, such as high-level sports, power lifting, bodybuilding and rehabilitation. Learning through multiple disciplines, Calvin is a cross breed of a trainer who utilizes different techniques and exercises that better fit the client’s individual needs. Through experience, Calvin has become a movement expert who is able problem solve and recommend appropriate exercises on assessed inefficient movement patterns, or injuries.
Calvin has completed his degree in kinesiology at the University of British Columbia and looks to complete his master’s degree in physiotherapy. As a recipient of an ACL reconstruction on his knee, Calvin has developed a strong passion of helping others become better and functional.
With his own style of exercising, Calvin has been working on his craft as a personal trainer for 3 years. On his spare time, Calvin enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and going on hikes. As a man passionate about fitness and perfecting his craft, Calvin always seeks to experience new ways to get fit in the expanding fitness industry. You’ll want to train with Calvin if you’re someone looking for a challenging workout, achieve your fitness goals, and become better and stronger in your everyday life.

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