Craig Cochrane - Personal Trainer | Vancouver Personal Training

Hailing from Liverpool, England, Craig is a Great British import complete with not only a big passion for fitness, sports, and the great outdoors, but also a funny accent too.

From a fitness perspective Craig developed his passion 8 years ago, finishing University and unhappy with the way he looked and felt, he set about a journey to transform his body. Since then he has dropped 70 lbs and built plenty of muscle along the way.

Craig now lives and breathes fitness, and therefore has a wealth of experience and knowledge ranging from refining meal plans to optimizing workouts for sports performance or fitness goals.

This knowledge on both a personal and professional level will ensure you are in good hands to be fast tracked along the way to results in your fitness journey.

With Craig you can expect dedication to you and specifically tailored workouts designed to get you the results you crave. His periodized way of programming will certainly challenge your body and push you into the next level of fitness performance.

Outside of the whole gym environment, Craig is super sporty. Soccer (or as he calls it football) is his biggest passion, but tennis, surfing, skiing, kayaking and paddle boarding all hold a place for him too! Besides sports Craig is also big into the outdoors and loves a good hike and/or camping trip he is also very adventurous and has travelled to numerous countries around Europe and the US. Whilst activity and adventure play a major role in Craig’s life therefore, he is also a bit of a nerd at heart and relishes the opportunity for a bit of down time with a movie or TV Series binge.



ACE Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/AED Certified

Bachelor of Arts: Accounting and Finance