Devin Matthews – Personal Trainer/Nutrition/Sports medicine - Kalev Fitness Solution - Fitness Training Vancouver

Devin has a high intensity and creative approach to training. Don’t let his calm, friendly demeanor fool you, he’ll take you to your edge and then some. Be ready to maximize every minute of your training session with Devin. He’s described by clients and colleagues as engaging-asking strategic questions to really understand what the client wants so they get the most out of every session. A sore body today is a strong body tomorrow.

Devin is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Exercise Science/Sports Medicine. He’s also a soccer player who’s competed at the provincial, collegiate and national level. He stays active on the local mountains, either mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, snowboarding or snowshoeing.

You’ll want to train with Devin if…You want a  personalized workout routine and a trainer who can meet and exceed your high expectations.

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