Greg Smith – Personal Trainer/Nutrition - Kalev Fitness Solution - Fitness Training Vancouver

Whether you’re a Weekend Warrior or Olympic level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. His experience includes seven years of one-on-one personal training , boot camp, and conditioning for soccer, golf and winter sports. Greg specializes in body shaping, athletic conditioning, fat loss, postural correction, injury management and nutritional science. He enjoys staying active, the outdoors, travel and eating for performance.


  • Certified Sport Nutrition Advisor
  • Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor
  • Post-Injury Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Specialist

You’ll want to train with Greg if you’re detail-oriented and want to be spot on in your technique.

After building up the courage to workout with a gym, I approached Greg and inquired if he would be interested in creating a nutritional plan and workout routine for me.  After seeing Greg in the gym, I figured his physique would be a big motivator for me because it made me think “If I keep this up. I’ll look like him”.  When I began with Greg, you might say I still had the build of a 15 year old kid and I am 37.  I realized it is totally time for me to see what I can do with this canvas.  Through the program he created for me I received a nutritional plan that has taught me healthy eating habits to gain weight the right way.  After the last 18 months I have increased my weight, and overall gains. I had found it extremely difficult to gain muscle mass, but Greg seemed to be able to push me the extra bit that I needed to get and see the results I was looking for.  Not everyone is the same, and Greg understands this.  He stayed in tune with how my body was reacting to the program and made adjustments when needed.  Greg is professional and engaging and will structure a program to achieve your individual goals.  If you bring some energy, enthusiasm and commitment you will be fitter, stronger and approach  your sessions in the gym with a greater sense of purpose and confidence.  He recognizes and acknowledges that it can be difficult but he continues to motivate with his words and his actions.

I look forward to seeing what other goals I can accomplish going forward.


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