Harman Combow - Personal Trainer - Kalev Fitness Solution

Harman is an upbeat trainer with a passion for active living and sports. Harman stresses the importance of functionality so that he can help you be the best in any situation, whether it be sport, or daily living. Harman has an extensive background in basketball, as well as experience in soccer, hockey, and various other court sports.

Harman has completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with an Active Health and Rehab concentration, as well as a Health and Fitness Studies Certification, both of which he received at Simon Fraser University. With experience in working for the NCAA (Division 2) as a trainer, Harman has an interest in working with musculoskeletal injuries (chronic and acute), and can help you reach your fitness goals even with the limitations that these injuries may cause. Harman also has experience in activity/sport specific training, in which he can aid your quest in becoming a better version of yourself.

When he’s not in the gym or playing basketball, he enjoys exploring British Columbia, spending time with family, and building on his sneaker collection.

You’ll want to train with Harman if… You are looking for someone that will help you achieve your goals in life through the improvement of your health and fitness.