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toledo Trainer

Jocelyn is a certified Group Fitness Instructor with CanFit Pro and is currently completing her Personal Training Certification with NCSF. She has been involved with sports her entire life and played all kinds of sports growing up and competed on a provincial level in Biathlon and a national level in All-Star Cheerleading. Jocelyn has coached basketball, volleyball, marksmanship, and biathlon for years and has coached people as young as 18 months and as old as 90. Jocelyn has been in the Royal Canadian Air Cadet program since she was 12 years old and has worked with the Canadian Forces, specializing in fitness & survival, which is where she gets her loud instructing voice from. Jocelyn believes in balance and practicing sustainability in fitness and health, prioritizing fitness as a lifestyle rather than focusing on time-specific goals. If you want a tough and highly intensive workout, join one of her classes! She will push you to new limits and keep your workouts new, exciting, and fun!

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