Joe Lee - Personal Trainer - Kalev Fitness Solution - Fitness Training Vancouver

Joe’s path started in Edmonton where he graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, majoring in sports performance. His passions can be found outdoors, whether he’s up in the mountains or down on the beach, you know his dog Jasper is most likely alongside him.

His high energy and positive outlook towards life, allows him to deliver a training style that will have you performing with power, functional movements and overall outstanding performance with results.

He has worked with a wide range of clientele from the youth to seniors from rehabilitation to elite level athletes.

Joe believes that all fitness goals need to be looked at from a holistic perspective. He believes that your mental health, sleep, nutrition, stress management, and emotional well-being all go into the ultimate training routine.

He creates videos on his YouTube channel showing how all different aspects of your life play an integral role of creating a balanced lifestyle.

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