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Kateryna Grushko

Personal Trainer & Group Instructor

Kateryna’s profile comes with years of experience and a long list of applications including nutrition, weight loss, flexibility, mobility, kinesiology, and kids’ fitness. Additionally, she has aided clients with injury therapy, post traumatic rehabilitation, and chronic health issues.

Kateryna has spent almost a decade training clients around the Middle East, including working in gyms and health & wellness centers in Dubai. She also had the opportunity to work as a personal trainer for a Royal family in Qatar!

Nutrition was a keynote when setting up meal plans for her clients and some of her menus were even adopted by a health restaurant in Qatar. As an ex gymnastics competitor and professional dancer, Kateryna knows the importance of including stretching and flexibility movements with every session. She is committed to helping you achieve your goals with the underlying objective of improving your health and wellness. It’s all for your benefit and Kateryna is looking forward to seeing your growth. “Let’s have fun together!”


Kateryna is also a Coach for our Family Fitness Program, check out her credentials here:

Kateryna – Family Fitness