Katrina Eden - Personal Trainer/Nutrition - Kalev Fitness Solution

Katrina is an ACE certified personal trainer as well as a graduate from Infofit Vancouver. As a passionate and avid exerciser with five years of gym experience, she is fully prepared to work alongside you toward complete wellness through fitness.

Katrina’s passion for fitness began in the gym and built outward to hiking, running and a simple desire to keep moving!  As a girl who lacked the coordination to play sports (or walk too far without tripping), Katrina has spent her fitness career learning to utilize specific movement patterns and lifts to gain better spatial awareness and overall stability. Whether your goals are health, correctional or aesthetically driven, Katrina is well equipped with skills to make your journey seamless. She believes in teamwork and can be counted on to be there to support you throughout the process and always available for guidance and direction.

Having used fitness as a tool to better her mental and physical well-being, she is eager to help her clients along the path to health- in every aspect.

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