Lucy Kiszczak - Health training - Kalev Fitness Solution

Lucy has over 7 years experience in fitness industry, 15 years martial arts experience (kung-fu, karate, kick-boxing, muay-thai, brazilian jujitsu) and is a two time national Brazilian Jujitsu Champion! Lucy focuses on observing body movement to program general physical preparedness. She treats movement as a remedy using different training combinations to target weak links in order to make your body work in harmony, leading you straight to your sport or health goals efficiently and safely. Lucy adores the beauty of movement and mental strength of athletes and believes that by working in motion one enters a higher level of development.

You will want to work with Lucy if you’re looking to redefine your lifestyle habits through using different sport disciplines, health training strategies and physiotherapy.

Lucy’s interests are psychosomatics, physiotherapy, exercise science, martial arts, travelling and cooking.

Motto: “Respect the Movement – Respect The People”