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Training with Paula is like a burst of sunshine! Her high energy and Argentinian charisma is infectious to both her clients and our whole team. (You’ll fall in love with just hearing her delightful accent!) Paula’s training style has the ability to keep you motivated, inspired, and craving for more. Her approach incorporates function, form, and strength, leaving your time with her so much more than just a workout. Paula incorporates a background in artistic movement into her practices. As a Physical Education teacher, Paula coached Rhythmic and Artistic gymnastics for 9 years, taking her group to National competitions. She has been a Zumba Fitness® instructor for the past 8 years as well as a teacher of multiple styles of dance.  Her choreography is fresh, creative and up to date, allowing even the simplest of moves to become dynamic.  She loves all levels of expertise, and works with beginners to the advanced.

Paula’s personal story exemplifies the bonus in working with others to achieve your goals. In Paula’s words:

Paula“Life can be hard, and if you try to do everything without support, it’s even harder. There was a time in my own young life when I felt totally crushed and alone. The turn-around for me came when I got the opportunity to help my gymnastics coach. When she became pregnant, she gave me the chance to cover her hours with the young gymnasts from 4-6 years old. The experience of working with those children made me realize that by helping others stay motivated to succeed, I was also helping them work on becoming better versions of themselves. I began to recognize that the motivation from my coach, friends and family was invaluable to improving my own feelings of self-worth. This was the “purpose in life” I was looking for. My story started there and every year since I have been finding ways to expand my knowledge and increase my skills in supporting others. That’s what I want to do, that’s my “Why”… to be the best support in helping others reach their goals.”


Bachelor Degree: Exercise Sciences from CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF SALTA, ARGENTINA
Official Coach & Judge of F.I.G. – Rhythmic Gymnastics
Licensed in Basics I Zumba

Personal Interests:
Paula continues her passion for gymnastics in her free time. Crossfit is her go-to exercise for keeping that high energy body of hers bouncing! Not to be relegated to “solo activities”, Paula is also an enthusiastic soccer player.

Paula is also a Coach for our Family Fitness Program, check out her credentials here:

Paula – Family Fitness

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