Sarah Saffari - Personal Trainer/Nutrition/Group classes - Kalev Fitness Solution - Fitness Training Vancouver
Sarah Trainer

Sarah is an ACSM certified personal trainer with a degree in Health Science. After 9 years of working 1-on-1 with clients, she believes that movement and mindset are the two key pillars to a happy and healthy life. With fad diets and ‘insane’ workouts being the hot new buzz words, she emphasizes sustainable fitness above all else.

Sarah grew up playing 8 different sports but her true passion for lifting weights began when she chose her first ever weight training class in high school. After being bullied and switching schools several times, she fell in love with her new ‘fit’ identity and decided to spend the rest of her career helping others seek fulfillment through movement and play!

Outside of work, Sarah has a beautiful relationship with the outdoors and enjoys hiking, kickboxing, meditating, and speaking. Bringing heart, energy, and technique to every session, Sarah will make sure you achieve your desired result.

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