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Sean’s genuine personality and contemporary training style has made him one of our most popular trainers. Consider yourself very lucky if you can get a session in with him. His philosophy? Whether it’s your first push-up, your 10th Ironman, or your 100th pound lost, it was your personal achievement being realized – and that’s what matters. As one of the highest educated trainers in Vancouver, Sean focuses not only on the exterior results of dedicated training, but on the bigger picture of self development that physical movement offers. Sean will help you set goals and then guide you there. Sean lives and breathes fitness. As a past international level athlete, he continues to enjoy a variety of physical activities including triathlon, cycling, running, climbing, hiking, yoga, snowboarding, and hockey. He also enjoys cooking and the fine arts (Young Associate at the Vancouver Art Gallery).

Sean has a Masters of Rehabilitative Sciences from the UBC Faculty of Medicine. He also has a Bachelor of Kinesiology and specialized experience in areas of neurological rehabilitation, athletic training, national-level coaching, paramedicine, sport-specific strength and conditioning, nutritional coaching, and personal training/weight loss. He also has the capacity to perform FMS (functional movement screen), postural, body composition, gait (running/walking), and injury assessments. Using this extensive background, Sean can help you reach your individualized fitness, health, athletic, and rehabilitative goals.

You’ll want to train with Sean if… You’re ready to set  individualized fitness, health, athletic, or  rehabilitation goals and want someone who cares about you and your success.

Sean provides  training carefully tailored to individual needs based on a thorough assessment of abilities and limitations. He has excellent knowledge of physiology and the techniques for improving flexibility and strength in both healthy and injured areas. He uses a variety of activities to keep things interesting and to provide fresh challenges and he presents it all in an upbeat friendly way. He expects  you to work but is always ready to share a laugh or to explain the why and the how of a particular activity in simple, or more detailed terms if you wish, so you can understand how it fits with the goals of the training. He has helped me work through some injuries by gradually improving flexibility and range of motion and targeting particular areas with specific exercises and stretches designed to address the problems.  To sum up in three words I would describe Sean as knowledgeable, careful and personable.


Sean Conner, as my personal trainer, has become a mainstay in my life. I just feel that I couldn’t have dedicated myself to my health in the same way without his help. Sean’s expertise as a rehabilitation kinesiologist ensures I do it right. Plus he will push me to do that few more exercise repetitions than I wouldn’t on my own.

With Sean as my trainer I went from having no dedicated exercise routine to a year of pre-operation exercise and recovery from surgery. I have never been so healthy and I feel that I made it through surgery and recovery because of working together with Sean.


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