Zac - Personal trainer - Kalev Fitness Solution

With over a decade of personal training experience I continue my passion for helping people because of the results that I’ve had. My fitness journey has never just been about looking fit, but ultimately about mental clarity. I truly believe that everyone deserves to know the feeling of waking up and knowing you can conquer the world. With the proper discipline and training I believe I can help get you there.”

I specialize in weight & body fat loss and body transformation. Competing over the past few years combined with coaching both men and women have been the most enjoyable and rewarding for me. Teaching how to train your body what to eat and the proper mindset is fast becoming an obsession.

Motivation is often the biggest struggle, not only in fitness, but also in life. I will walk you through how to combat that feeling. It starts in the mind and begins the moment you wake up in the morning.  I help push you to master your body and of course your mind to truly get the results you want. Learn how to have more energy every day and how to create a momentum shift in your life.

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