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We Weigh in on Weighing in Before a Workout

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When at the gym you may have noticed people jumping on the scale before their sweat sesh. To me this is an odd phenomenon happening all to often and in MY opinion a totally detrimental thing to do. But you be the judge… Why it’s Not a Good Idea If you are using this as […]

Nutrition Challenge Winners

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our first nutrition challenge!  We are impressed with you all for creating nutritional goals for yourselves and holding yourselves accountable to them. Of course there were certain requirements to fill in order to collect points over our 30 day journey.  We’ve tallied up the points and are excited […]

Healthy Meal Delivery Services For Gym Members

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Our nutrition challenge has come to an end – just in time for the holidays! Congratulations to all who kept consistent for the past month.  We’ve shared some beautiful photos and learned a few new exciting recipes too. Hopefully, the experience has helped to develop some new positive habits and create awareness of daily food […]

Soy: Friend or Foe?

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I recently posted about protein and the important role it plays in the human body.  We took a look at non meat protein sources and I mentioned that I was not going to include soy in that list.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of soy, and I will let you be […]

Nutrition Challenge is Underway!

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Our 30 day nutrition challenge launched on November 4th and will be going strong until December 4th.  We’ve been having a great time seeing what everyone has been eating so far and are giving a big shout out to our dedicated participants! In case you missed it, here are the guidelines of the challenge: To become […]

KFS Healthy Habits 101 30 Day Nutrition Challenge

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Running from November 4th til December 4th, Kalev Fitness Solution will be holding a 30 day nutrition challenge.  The great part is that the challenge can be uniquely designed to your own individual needs.  For example, one could cut out an anti-nutrient such as gluten, perhaps make a decision to eat organic all across the […]

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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Protein deficiency isn’t a myth.  It seems as though sometimes people associate protein consumption with body building and weight lifting only, as if this macronutrient is more important for people who train hard in a weight room than the average person.  First of all, protein is an essential macronutrient that everyone needs to consume whether […]

Eat Fat Get Fit

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Why is the word ‘fat’ when used in its setting of being an essential macronutrient, so frightening to people?  Of course from a physique stand point no one wants to be “fat” per say, but the foods that contain good healthy fats do not lead to weight gain or poor health. So many low fat […]

Which Vegetables Should Be Cooked For Optimal Health?

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  We know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables.  They provide us with many vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber which are all essential to our health.  Interestingly enough, some sorts of produce have higher nutrient counts when cooked.  The process of cooking softens the fibrous exteriors which in some cases releases more nutrients and boosts […]

Nature’s Nutrient Dense Protein Source

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You’ve probably heard the old myth that eating too many eggs will contribute to high cholesterol and that you should limit your egg intake.  One day the fitness industry exploded with this concept of eating egg whites, when fat and cholesterol found in yolks were portrayed as horrible things.  Fat and cholesterol can be bad […]