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KFS Summer Detox Industry Bootcamp!

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Hey everyone, it’s Alicia.  Mia and I are really excited about the bootcamp we are launching in September!  We both know from personal experience that working in the service industry is hard work. It can be especially demanding in the summer time, so we are holding an 8 week Summer Detox Bootcamp for service industry […]

The Meat and Nuts Breakfast Theory

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So we touched base on what your training team eats for breakfast a few weeks ago and learned that the KFS personal trainers have a wide variety of eating habits.  An interesting breakfast theory that we will explore in detail today, is the concept of consuming meat and nuts at the start of the day. […]

Cooking with Fire for Optimal Health

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Technology has taken us a long way regarding efficiency and convenience.  Take microwaves for example.  Within a few minutes max, you can have a piping hot meal ready to eat.  Microwaves are often used to speed up the food preparation process to unthaw meats, and items such as microwave popcorn have made snacking as easy as […]

Sun Run / BMO Training Group

Vancouver Sun Run Training Group This year Kalev Fitness Solution is putting on a 6 week training group to help people get fit and ready for the Vancouver Sun Run 2013. The Sun Run is held annually in Vancouver, since 1985 and is a great way for people to get out and enjoy being active! […]

GREG SMITH: Nutritionist, Trainer and Epitome of Strength

You see him doing weighted pull-ups in the gym, impossibly heavy squats and lateral straight leg arm hangs. Who is this machine who epitomizes strength? Ladies and gentleman it is the one and only Greg Smith, KFS long-time trainer and nutritionist Whether you’re a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic-level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. […]

Six Tips to Lose Weight

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Weight loss is a common goal and difficult to accomplish alone. Below are six tips to consider as you embark on this difficult task. 1)     PLAN: Establish your goals first and articulate why they are important to you. Set up a timeline and a plan for exercise and healthy eating. 2)      MAINTAIN INTENSITY: Keep your […]

Water for Weight Loss

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You heard right! Drinking water will help with your weight loss. If you are eating right and exercising with your trainer on a regular basis then try drinking more water. Many people don’t drink enough water daily which means their bodies aren’t functioning at optimal capacity. Therefore, their metabolism is not burning as many calories […]

Join the Kalev Running Group!

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RUN!  Are you a runner, recreational jogger or wanna-be marathoner? Join the running group at Kalev Fitness and improve your running ability, whether racing or just hitting the pavement. Trainers Lyz and Sean will design a progressive training program for all ability levels. Two weekly sessions will focus on speed intervals (Wednesday) and endurance training […]

Lettuce-Free Salad Options

Hello kitchen lovers! Tis the season to start watching what you eat in preparation for the holiday food parade. For me, this means SALAD and lots of it. If you’re anything like I am though, you go to the grocery store, purchase the biggest box of salad greens you can get your hands on, and […]

Health No-No’s! Hindering Habits and How to Fix Them

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Health No-No’s!  Hindering Habits and How to Fix Them Many of us don’t realize the bad habits that hinder our health and slow us down. Acknowledging our bad habits and altering them will always contribute to positive progress!  For a healthy body and mind, here are three to consider: You Skip Breakfast. Morning’s can be […]