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Women and Weights

Feel confident in the gym and in your body. Details Want to be lean and strong?  Learn how to lift in our Women and Weights 6 week program.  You’ll learn how to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine with a small group of  like-minded women.  No experience necessary – all-star personal trainer Alicia (photo […]

Change Your Life With Deadlifts

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Some might say they find the squat to be the most important exercise for building full body strength, power, practicing functional movement, and for building size. Squats are a very important part of any training program. Squatting is the primal elimination position, it is also the big jump start movement we all took as babies […]

We Weigh in on Weighing in Before a Workout

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When at the gym you may have noticed people jumping on the scale before their sweat sesh. To me this is an odd phenomenon happening all to often and in MY opinion a totally detrimental thing to do. But you be the judge… Why it’s Not a Good Idea If you are using this as […]

Cycle with me – Benefits of cycling

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There are so many benefits to cycling, from boosting your memory, to building your muscles. Everyone can benefit from a cycling class, especially if you’re like me and can’t stand cycling in the rain. Now here is where I expect the acid rain or shine gear heads to turn there noses up at me but I […]

Nutrition Challenge Winners

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Thank you to everyone who participated in our first nutrition challenge!  We are impressed with you all for creating nutritional goals for yourselves and holding yourselves accountable to them. Of course there were certain requirements to fill in order to collect points over our 30 day journey.  We’ve tallied up the points and are excited […]

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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Protein deficiency isn’t a myth.  It seems as though sometimes people associate protein consumption with body building and weight lifting only, as if this macronutrient is more important for people who train hard in a weight room than the average person.  First of all, protein is an essential macronutrient that everyone needs to consume whether […]

Nature’s Nutrient Dense Protein Source

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You’ve probably heard the old myth that eating too many eggs will contribute to high cholesterol and that you should limit your egg intake.  One day the fitness industry exploded with this concept of eating egg whites, when fat and cholesterol found in yolks were portrayed as horrible things.  Fat and cholesterol can be bad […]

4 Fitness Myths You Need To Know

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There are many myths about fitness and nutrition, and we are here to set the record straight on a few of them! Think you know? You may be surprised…