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Juice Anyone?

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This week I have been feeling beyond lethargic, my energy levels are hurting and that never plays out well for me. Feeling over it and craving some change I am going to do a weekend juice cleanse. Now I am sure some of you are going to turn your nose up or disagree with my […]

How to Train for Free

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The more the merrier?  Power in numbers? We’re all about it! How you ask? With our referral program! Not only are you going to benefit your friend by getting them started on their fitness journey, but it’s going to benefit you as well! What’s in it for you? If any of your friends or family […]

Date night at the gym

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Girls, treat yourself! Whether its with your partner or on your own. The How-To: Step 1: Take a quick, refreshing body shower before you go so you feel energized. Be sure to use a body wash with a scent like ginger, mint or orange to amp you up. Ones we like:                     Step 2: Slip […]

Staying Healthy Over The Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us and you know what that means!  Holiday parties, food and booze!  We  want to encourage you to take part in the festivities, and we have some tips and recipes to share with you to make the holiday season a little less taxing on your body. This time of year […]

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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Protein deficiency isn’t a myth.  It seems as though sometimes people associate protein consumption with body building and weight lifting only, as if this macronutrient is more important for people who train hard in a weight room than the average person.  First of all, protein is an essential macronutrient that everyone needs to consume whether […]

Kalev Fitness Winter Games

KALEV FITNESS WINTER GAMES: THREE WORKOUTS / ONE DAY On Saturday, December 14, Kalev Fitness Solution is proud to once again host the Kalev Winter  Games!  Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete we want you to show us and everyone else what you’ve got. Before the December 14 games, train with us starting […]

Which Vegetables Should Be Cooked For Optimal Health?

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  We know we’re supposed to eat our vegetables.  They provide us with many vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and fiber which are all essential to our health.  Interestingly enough, some sorts of produce have higher nutrient counts when cooked.  The process of cooking softens the fibrous exteriors which in some cases releases more nutrients and boosts […]

KFS Summer Detox Industry Bootcamp!

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Hey everyone, it’s Alicia.  Mia and I are really excited about the bootcamp we are launching in September!  We both know from personal experience that working in the service industry is hard work. It can be especially demanding in the summer time, so we are holding an 8 week Summer Detox Bootcamp for service industry […]