High intensity training - every day of the week. 

 Is your exercise regimen unstructured and inconsistent?  

Are you tired of doing the same workout over and over again? Does your fitness level feel stagnant with no improvement?  


A group training program that structures each day around a specific focus area to give you full body conditioning by the end of every week. No muscle is left behind.  

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Total Body Solution gets you results.

  •  See actual gains by sticking to a structured and consistent program 
  •  Strengthen all of your muscle groups with targeted weight training 
  •  Improve overall endurance with cardio-focused group competitions 
  •  Take your speed and agility to new heights by pushing your limits


Lower Body  

Emphasis on compound lifts that push your whole body to work systemically. Deadlifts and squats to build strength, and lower body plyometrics for speed and agility.  

Upper Body  

Using barbells and Kettlebells as your primary source of weight, be prepared to do some swings while incorporating pull ups and chest presses for a complete upper body workout.  



Full body cardio training with a competitive edge. Compete against others in class to beat a given time. Challenges will change every week to always keep you on your toes.  


A series of cardio-based exercises to keep your heart rate up and blood pumping. A choice of EMOM, AMRAP and TABATA style workouts designed to boost your endurance.  

Get 50% off your first MONTH