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Total Body Transformation

Finding the right program that aligns with your goals and your body type can get overwhelming, especially with the abundant information, and unsustainable and restrictive diets that only provide temporary to no results.

Our Premium Toal Body Transformation program is for beginners and the ones looking to level up their training, build an active lifestyle, and learn how to eat right without any restrictions.

With the right trainer that understands your body type, active habits, lifestyle, and eating habits, you are one step closer to your life-changing transformation.

This is an all-round program that gives you access to all of our services here at Kalev fitness for maximum results.

How Total Body Transformation Program will help you reach your fitness goals.

Weekly Personal Training session, coaching you to train the right way for your body type, perfecting your form, working on your mobility, flexibility, muscle strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and active recovery habits. 

Unlimited Group Fitness Classes such as HIIT(high-intensity interval training), Kickboxing, pumping iron, and CrossFit will allow you to introduce functional and variety of workout styles so that you do not hit a plateau due to the same repetitive routine. Switching up your workouts and trying new movements will aid your fitness goals and make training fun rather than a chore.

Nutrition Coaching and Customized nutrition Meal Plan that aligns with your goals and body type. As we know, nutrition plays a vital role in any body transformation and finding the right, sustainable, non-restrictive meal plan that you can actually stick to will make sure that your weight loss or muscle-building goals are met.

Many people struggle to stick to a workout routine and keep themselves motivated. With Accountability Coaching, we will teach you how to keep yourself inspired and motivated to work out. Weekly weigh-ins, progress reports, and transparent communication with your trainer will ensure that you show up for yourself and work towards your goals

You would also be able to record your progress, such as how much weight you’re lifting, and how much calories you burn on a biking circuit, and have your customized workout plan, nutrition plan and your trainer as your representative for open communication, all in one place- Trainerize app.

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