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Being Pandemic Fit: How to Stay Healthy During These Times

One of the biggest lessons 2020 has taught us is to adapt quickly to change. The whole world was struck by the massive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, pushing people to work from home, students having classes online, and gatherings were put to a halt. With that being said, the new, remote set-up has made […]

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How You Can Keep Your Brain Healthy by Exercising Your Body

Research shows that keeping the brain active can help it perform better. Exercising the brain can increase its vitality and could even encourage the production of new brain cells. These exercises can be as simple as introducing new things to your brain, such as trying new activities, building vocabulary, playing puzzles, learning new skills, and […]

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The Secret to Health: Why You NEED a Personal Fitness Coach

If you’ve been working out for a while now, and still don’t see the results you’re hoping to achieve, it may be time to seek professional help.  One essential way to guarantee you target your fitness goals is to hire a personal trainer. They are the right person to turn to when you’ve exhausted all […]

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The Most Probable Reason You Are Not Losing Weight

There is no real secret to a quick weight loss journey, mostly because that doesn’t exist. Losing weight takes time and consistency. But if you’ve been stagnant at the same weight for weeks, it could mean one thing: you lack accountability. You Need to Hold Yourself Accountable You may think that you’re doing everything right, […]

3 Reasons You Should Look Into Personal Training For Couples

“How do I spend more meaningful time with my partner?” If you’ve been with your significant other for a while now, then you’ve probably hit a few crossroads before (especially if you’ve had a much longer relationship). In the past crossroads where you’ve worked out a good answer for the question above, it seemed like […]

What a Personal Trainer Has to Offer You and Your Teen

No matter how much we want to deny it, your children aren’t going to be young forever. If they don’t get in shape or don’t have any healthy habits, it’ll be difficult when they get older and prone to certain illnesses. You won’t be there forever to help them out.  It’s understandable if your child […]

Build Shredded Summer Legs with Phil!

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Hey KFS team,  Summer is coming! To gear up for the warmer weather, Phil is putting together 3 lower body programs, geared towards all different goals for 12 weeks. Due to the recent updated restrictions in B.C., here at KFS we have created a NEW socially distant fitness experience to keep you on track, training […]

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5 Mental Strategies to Make You a Workout Champion

Most people tend to look for external solutions that could help them with their fitness problems. Instead of looking for an answer externally, have you ever thought of looking within yourself? Stop forcing yourself to lift weights for now, and let your mind do the heavy lifting first. Here are some mental tricks to help […]

Here’s Why You Need A Personal Trainer – What to Know

Committing to an exercise is never easy, especially considering that such changes can be difficult to follow. It’s also highly possible that you’re not seeing the results you want to see, and looking at the mirror can leave you feeling even worse than before. You may also be bored trying to work around your current […]

KFS – FIT 250 Member Event – starts March 29

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Keep pushing your fitness to the next level with our new event, the KFS FIT 250! Goal: To Complete 250 reps in the fastest time possible Sign up while spots last < click here >! Jump Rope, Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups, all will be basic movements so dont worry, YOU CAN DO IT!  Steps: Step 1 – Complete […]