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Here’s Why You Need A Personal Trainer – What to Know

Committing to an exercise is never easy, especially considering that such changes can be difficult to follow. It’s also highly possible that you’re not seeing the results you want to see, and looking at the mirror can leave you feeling even worse than before. You may also be bored trying to work around your current […]

KFS – FIT 250 Member Event – starts March 29

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Keep pushing your fitness to the next level with our new event, the KFS FIT 250! Goal: To Complete 250 reps in the fastest time possible Sign up while spots last < click here >! Jump Rope, Squats, Lunges, Push-Ups, all will be basic movements so dont worry, YOU CAN DO IT!  Steps: Step 1 – Complete […]

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4 Easy Ways to Restart Your Fitness Routine: A Guide

At the start of the year, you may be highly motivated to start your fitness journey and stick to your workout routine as consistently as possible. But sometimes, life happens, and you fail to follow your good health habits. You may experience a slump due to sickness, a busy schedule, or lack of motivation.  After […]

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The Real Deal About Fitness Challenges: Do They Actually Work

When you’re starting a fitness journey, many people opt to take on challenges to help them stay on track and accountable to help them reach their body goals. Some of these challenges can focus on strength, requiring you to do several push-ups daily. On the other hand, some challenges could be motivational, pushing you to […]

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3 Ways Joining a Boot Camp Can Boost Your Fitness Journey

Many people have a love-hate relationship with exercise, especially since it’s a habit-forming activity that can eventually take a toll on your motivation to get your body moving. The start of the new year often sees an uptick of people joining gym classes, but a high percentage of those tend to drop their membership after […]

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Fitness Challenges: How We Can Upscale Your Fitness This 2021

Anyone who has ever tried to stick to a fitness regimen knows the struggle that comes with committing to exercising regularly, maintaining a diet, and staying motivated till the very end. Each year, people come up with resolutions to start on a good note, with most people including a fitness goal into their lists. We […]

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This ONE SECRET Is Saving the Lives of Canadian Office Workers

YOUR JOB IS PROBABLY KILLING YOU. We hate to say this, but you’ll have to hear this sooner or later. While this might be something you won’t want to believe, it’s a sobering truth for anyone who spends at least a third of their day sitting in their office chair. No matter how young you […]

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Is Your Workout Routine Not Working? Here’s What You’re Missing

Exercising is vital to your daily life—which is why physicians all over the world keep recommending to maintain a regular regimen. Consistently getting the needed regular exercise is enough for most people to get their hearts pumping, but this is not always the case for everyone. If you’ve been working yourself ragged, but still can’t […]

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The Secret to Weight Loss—What You Absolutely Need for Fitness

With the start of the new year comes a renewed motivation to lose weight. For the majority, this would mean having to go to the gym and start lifting those weights—which is truthfully not enough. Losing weight entails a lot more than just pumping the iron, much to the chagrin of the general public. The […]

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The Vital Secrets to Keeping Your Muscle As You Age, Revealed!

Finding the time to exercise is one thing, but doing the right type of exercise is a whole other ball game. Hamming it out in the gym and doing burpees upon burpees may be ideal for youngsters, but as you age, your body goes through changes, and you may not have the physical capacity to […]