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Sprains vs. Strains

Sprains vs. Strains   At some point, We’ve all had inflammation or pain we weren’t really sure about.  Elliott deciphers the pains of Sprains vs. Strains in this educational post.   What is a Sprain? A sprain is a stretching or tearing of a ligament (connects one bone to another bone) or a joint capsule […]

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Summer of Sweat – Back to the Beginning

I’ve recently teamed up with Gatorade for their Summer of Sweat in order to keep myself on track.  Setting goals is one thing, but pushing yourself and staying on track is another, and in order to be in my best shape yet and condition for another upcoming hockey season, I have to stay focused and […]

Lactate: Off the Hook for Muscle Soreness

Pain and Soreness from Exercise: Is Lactate really to Blame?   Everyone has heard about Lactate and Lactic Acid.  It has been said that this by-product is responsible for the process of acidosis (increase in acidity in the musculature), which inevitably leads to muscle soreness and the “burning” sensation after exercise.  However, research in 2004 […]

Let the Games Begin!

Let the games begin!   When: 6 Week Training begins July 16th >> Thursdays at 7pm   What: This training program will include strength components, Olympic and weight lifting, conditioning and some of our very own KFS kick-ass work outs.  If you’ve “played” with us in the Winter Games, expect more of a weight lifting component […]

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Welcome to the team, Elliott

Welcome to the team, Elliott.   We’re excited to welcome Elliott to the KFS team!  Elliott joins us after recently completing his Kinesiology degree at the University of British Columbia, with a passion for helping people achieve their goals and overcoming the limitations of chronic conditions.  When I asked him why he would like to […]

Simple tips for a Healthy Summer

Summer is a good time for many things – our moods (Hello Vitamin D!), friendships (“remember that time on the boat…”) and more.  It can be a bit of a menace on our waistlines and overall health if you’re not careful though… one afternoon cold one sometimes turns into six, slushie beverages, a highschool reunion […]

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Spin with Gillian is baaaaaccck

Spin with Gillian is BACK Thursdays at 4:15 pm!   Why Spin? Great question, we’re happy to answer that one for you.  Spinning is a great way to burn calories – 45 minutes of Spin can help you burn up to 500 calories depending on the intensity of your work out (very impressive in comparison to […]

Dynamic vs Static Stretching – what’s the difference?

Stretching isn’t just for Dancers.  Stretching and flexibility should play an important role in everyones’ fitness routine.  You don’t have to make it centre stage, but should incorporate it no matter how crunched for time you may be.  Here is some basic information about different types of stretching and how to incorporate it into your […]

Women and Weights

Feel confident in the gym and in your body. Details Want to be lean and strong?  Learn how to lift in our Women and Weights 6 week program.  You’ll learn how to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine with a small group of  like-minded women.  No experience necessary – all-star personal trainer Alicia (photo […]

Nicole Lau Personal Trainer

KFS Personal Trainer Nicole Lau

  If you haven’t noticed our personal trainer Nicole Lau, you haven’t been in the same room as her.  This Crossfit foodie brings a magnetic and contagious energy to our team at KFS. Nicole has many passions and loves to learn.  In addition to her Crossfit Level 1 Certificate and ACE Certification, she’s a registered […]