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Ladies, Wanna look good and feel even better? Get off the treadmill and start lifting weights!

“One of the best things I ever did for myself was to get educated about lifting weights and get myself on a proper strength training program.” -Alicia Putinski, Trainer at Kalev Fitness Solution For me personally, nothing feels better than gaining strength as I progress in fitness. As a trainer,  I’ve seen my philosophies around weight […]

Introducing Corrective Exercise to Kalev Fitness Solution

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Click Here to book a consultation with Virgil Isaacs to learn about what Corrective Exercise can do for you. In the “Best day/time for consultation” box, type “Corrective Exercise” along with your preferred times. We are getting geared up to launch a new service at Kalev Fitness Solution – Corrective Exercise. But what is Corrective Exercise? […]

GREG SMITH: Nutritionist, Trainer and Epitome of Strength

You see him doing weighted pull-ups in the gym, impossibly heavy squats and lateral straight leg arm hangs. Who is this machine who epitomizes strength? Ladies and gentleman it is the one and only Greg Smith, KFS long-time trainer and nutritionist Whether you’re a “Weekend Warrior” or Olympic-level athlete, Greg’s methods will unleash your potential. […]

Easy Moves to Improve Posture and Back Pain

80% of the population will experience back pain at some point during their lifetime. Strategies for promoting a healthy back can be categorized into physical, behavioural, and postural. Come visit Vancouver’s best personal trainers at Kalev Fitness Solution for even more tips!   Physical: -Strengthen abdominal muscles (side bridges and planks) -Strengthen hip extensors (floor […]