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Improving Your Fitness Journey Through a Growth Mindset

When it comes to achieving your fitness goals, your mindset plays a huge role in your success. It has the power to propel you forward or hinder your journey. If you’re not mentally prepared for what lies ahead, there may come the point wherein you’ll think that you’re not doing enough or making progress. You […]

girl getting ready to run

3 Tips to Turn Stressful Fitness Goals into Sustainable Ones

Are you pressured or stressed out trying to reach your fitness goals? This might be because you have yet to reach your goals. After all, it can be easy to fall into a fear of failure. Unfortunately, such goals that induce pressure isn’t a good goal to have long-term. Sure, it might bring great results, […]

woman doing exercise

4 Things Not to Tell Your Personal Trainer: What to Know

Congrats, you have finally made the decision to get active and live a healthier lifestyle! Yet, before you hit the gym, keep in mind that it is not a place for whiners. This is because you will be surrounded by hard workers and go-getters. Many times, the struggle is with the mind. So, if you […]

woman losing weight

Weight Loss Plateau: The Causes and How to Move Past It

Not losing weight when you’re on a weight loss journey is very frustrating. You may have done everything you can to achieve your ideal weight, but the problem is that it’s not showing any results. Bodies might reject weight loss, which means your efforts to lose weight and burn calories might go to waste. This […]

lifitng light weight

Is It Possible to Gain Muscle Mass With Lighter Weights?

Lifting heavy to gain muscle is seen as the driving force behind any transformation and award-winning feat of either aesthetics or strength.  It may seem too rudimentary for its own good (or primitive, even, to some). However, the concept of increasing one’s weight to spike muscle gains isn’t out of the question because it actually […]

training for bootcamp

5 Things You Should Know to Do Well In Bootcamp

The thought of participating in a boot camp can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. They consist of intense workouts and a formulated diet and are generally designed to help people lose weight and improve their lifestyles.  In a short period, boot camps can bring you remarkable and life-changing results. If it’s […]

woman yoga pose

Improve Your Core Strength With These 3 Yoga Poses

No fitness plan is complete without working on the core! Since the core is at the center of your body, it stabilizes it and allows you to move in any direction. When you have a strong core, you will have better balance, less back pain, and good posture. However, having a strong core is easier […]

Build an Exercise Routine That Works: 3 Tips to Consider

Creating a new year’s resolution to a new and healthy you is not a novel concept. You’ve likely had the same plans for the past how many years, but exercising just remains to be an ever-elusive dream. Maybe you’re currently going through significant changes or perhaps dealing with back-to-back deadlines. Perhaps you just truly despite […]

Things to Do the Night Before Your Morning Workout Routine

Everyone can use a little bit of exercise to start off the day. However, as much enthusiasm as people can have, so many get out of bed and realize that they aren’t ready for the workout routine after all. They’ll sleep in and just brush it off as the routine is saved for the next […]

fitness class

Fitness Boot Camps: The Key to a Successful Fitness Journey

Exercising is an essential part of everyone’s life, whether it comes in the form of actively playing a sport, going to a yoga class, weightlifting, or simply moving your body daily as part of your routine. People must work out on their own terms to ensure they continue living a healthy lifestyle. You have to […]