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Unlock the Benefits of Cross-training for Improved Functional Fitness

For many fitness enthusiasts, focusing their efforts on specific exercises or disciplines can lead to improved performance in that area. However, this specialization can leave gaps in overall functional fitness and may even increase the risk of injury due to muscle imbalances. To address these concerns and enhance one’s overall physical capabilities, cross-training workouts offer […]

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Turbocharge Your Fitness Journey with Cardio Training and Cross-training

Whether you are new to the fitness world or a seasoned athlete, it’s crucial to understand the role of Cardio Training and Cross-training in your workout regimen. Varied and balanced exercise routines offer comprehensive benefits that single-method workouts often can’t match. With an optimal blend of these two types of training, you can enhance your […]

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Empower Your Weight Loss Journey with Personal Training at Kalev Fitness

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be both exciting and daunting, as it often requires significant changes to your lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness routine. At Kalev Fitness, our expert personal trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through personalized training programs and expert guidance, you’ll […]

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Unleash Your Inner Beast with a Personal Trainer!

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a fitness rut, unable to break free from the shackles of mediocrity? Are you tired of spending hours at the gym, only to see little to no results?  Do you want to push yourself to your full potential and finally achieve your fitness goals? Then you need a […]

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5 Mistakes When Finding a Personal Trainer or Coach

When it comes to improving your fitness or achieving your health goals, getting a personal trainer or coach can be a valuable investment. However, not all personal trainers and coaches are created equal. Some may lack the necessary qualifications or experience, while others may not be a good fit for your personality or needs.  To […]

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Don’t Hire a Personal Trainer for Seniors Until You Read This!

Are you a senior citizen looking for a personal trainer to help you stay fit and healthy? Or perhaps you’re searching for the perfect fitness coach for your elderly loved ones? Look no further! You’re about to discover the ultimate guide to choosing the right personal trainer for seniors. Don’t make a costly mistake—read on […]

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Get Fit with Personal Training: How to Achieve Fitness Goals

As we go through our daily lives, it’s easy to neglect our physical health. With work, family, and social commitments, it can be difficult to find the time and motivation to exercise regularly. This is where personal training comes in.  In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of personal training, what to expect during a […]


Boosted Fitness: What to Know about Progressive Overload

Strength training is an essential component of any fitness routine, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. One of the most effective methods for achieving consistent strength gains is progressive overload training. Today, we will discuss the concept of progressive overload, its benefits, and how you can successfully incorporate it into your […]

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The Consequences of Hiring the Wrong Personal Trainer

  Some of us need assistance in helping us achieve our fitness goals. One way we could do this is by hiring a professional personal trainer. However, choosing the wrong personal trainer can also be a dangerous decision. The wrong personal trainer can cause physical harm, waste your time, and cost you money.  Read on […]

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Transformation Challenge

Calling all Busy Women who want to get their body BACK & feel confident again…  If you’re a busy woman who’s tired of feeling frumpy, bloated and lost with what to do, how to exercise, how to get your body back…. then this is just for YOU.Due to popular demand, we are running another 6-week “Get Your Body […]