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Getting to Know Jay

    Getting to know Jay   >> Train with Jay Jay, REVAMPED program coach & specialist, is a high energy personal trainer that brings a passion for hard work and community into KFS. Coming from New Aiyansh, a Nisga’a First Nation community near Terrace, Jay grew up being outdoors and with close family ties, spending […]


How to Start Meditating Every Day

How to Start Meditating Every Day Meditation is growing increasingly popular as time goes on. It’s becoming widespread amongst most healthy lifestyle plans and routines. It has been practiced for centuries in the East and is now becoming a substantial part of Western culture too.  Since the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s people have been […]

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Women & Weights Training Series

Feel Confident.  Feel Strong. >> Only 3 Spots Remaining!  Sign Up Now   Details The Women & Weights Training Series is designed to help you confidently, and safely,  continue weight training in any gym.  Many women fear stepping into the weight room for the first time, whether an experienced athlete, cardio lover, dedicated spinner or […]

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Take Your Fitness to The Next Level Unleash Your Inner Warrior. >>SIGN UP TODAY or keep reading to learn more<< The Revamped program was originally created by a group of passionate coaches and fitness experts who believe that everyone has an inner warrior waiting to be unleashed.  The combination of individuals who feast on challenges and […]


Comfort Foods for Fall

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler we tend to crave more hearty heavier foods.  With the dampness in the air, the warmth of stews, soups and spicy flavours add comfort.  Here are some of our go to favorites. Borscht with Beef Ingredients 1 lb Beef: sirloin, stew meat, or whatever kind […]

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It’s Too Hot To Cook Summer Recipes

Are you planning on entertaining and it’s too hot to cook?  We’ve put together some fast, easy recipes that are delicious and will excite your guests coming for lunch or dinner. Finger food and items that are cooling and refreshing are staples when creating summer time food. Salads are an easy way to get in […]

Nutrition program

12 Keys Steps to our Nutrition Program

A popular topic amongst those wanting to make improvements to their health and fitness is nutrition.  Nutrition is a dynamic process and it is not a “one size fits all” approach.  Did you know that the diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry?  Fascinating isn’t it?  An industry is generating billions of dollars, yet […]

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Kickboxing Kickstarter

A Mixed Martial Arts coach for over 10 years, Mike is also a Provincial, Western & National Champion in full-contact Tae Kwon Do. Mike can take even the most inexperienced fighter to new heights – you’ll be surprised at what you can do after a session with Mike! Mike’s genuine enthusiasm and high energy is […]

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The Benefits of Eucalyptus After Your Workout

We have now added Eucalyptus towels to our facility. Now when you have your HIIT workouts you can cool off with a fresh towel. Here are some benefits of Eucalyptus after and during a workout. 1. Cooling: Eucalyptus oil infused into a damp towel has a cooling effect on your skin and body temperature which […]


What’s Brewing: Coffee vs. Green Tea

Waking up in the morning, most people grab for two things 1) Their phone, and 2) their morning coffee or tea. Obviously this post isn’t going to be about whether or not you should reach for your phone first thing in the morning (we know you’re going to do it regardless) but rather which morning […]