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Great News from Kalev Fitness Solution:

We are excited to be introducing a new Heart Rate monitoring system and app, please download before May 4th: iPhone Download Android Download It allows members to track their heart rate during classes to see performance, calories burned, and build up points in our new system. It also links with a client portal to view […]

Join Our Sun Run Team!

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Kalev Fitness Solution is putting together a Sun Run Team this year and we invite you to join us! The run is on Sunday, April 17th. We will be holding training camps starting in mid February for all those who join our team. Please go to click here to register, select Join Team, then search […]

Fitness and Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes mellitus is defined as a metabolic disease in which the body’s inability to produce any or enough insulin causes elevated levels of glucose in the blood. In 2011 diabetes was listed as the 6th leading cause for death in Canada. At the moment there are no known causes or measures to prevent type 1 […]

Team Spotlight – Getting to Know Mina

Team Spotlight – Getting to Know Mina   We sat down with Mina one morning last month to put him in the hot seat – our personal trainers are usually the ones asking the questions!  We also wanted an excuse to share his headshot. Check out what Mina had to say after an early morning […]

In The Kitchen

We all get tired out eating the same old thing.  It almost becomes second nature to grab the same thing and stuff it in your lunch bag.  I’ve always been told that snacking is important.  I love to snack.  I’ve been known to stuff my hand in a bag of potato chips and munch from […]

Muscle Soreness and DOMS

Muscle Soreness and DOMS   There are typically three types of pain that relate to exercise. These include: 1) Pain during or immediately after exercise 2) Pain induced by muscle cramps 3) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Each is caused by different scenarios and follows its own time course. Pain during exercise is considered to […]

Summer of Sweat – the Wrap Up

Summer of Sweat – The Wrap Up   Finally, at last, hockey season has started.  Just in time to wrap up my Summer of Sweat partnership with Gatorade Canada and see how my performance has improved on the ice.  I had my first games of the season this past Saturday.  Started the season with a […]

Diabetes and Exercise

Diabetes and Exercise Diabetes is an epidemic that is affecting a large portion of the North American population in particular. There are two distinct types of diabetes that are most frequently seen, one that is genetic in nature and one that is related to lifestyle. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the body’s immune system destroying cells that […]

Keep Sweating!

Last blog post, I shared what two weeks of my exercise program looks like and shared some of my Gatorade Summer of Sweat goals with you.  I had reached 230 lbs when I partnered up with Gatorade, and I’ve lost 5 lbs (only 5 more to go before reaching 220 lbs which is my goal). […]

Last Chance to Get Outdoors!

Summer is winding down and fall is right around the corner – hiking season will be coming to an end soon and the days will become shorter.  September may be your last chance to get outdoors!  Here are just a few ideas from our team and personal trainers if you’re wanting to take your workout […]