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Muscle Soreness and DOMS

Muscle Soreness and DOMS

Muscle Soreness and DOMS   There are typically three types of pain that relate to exercise. These include: 1) Pain during or immediately after exercise 2) Pain induced by muscle cramps 3) Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Each is caused by different scenarios and follows its own time course. Pain during exercise is considered to […]

Summer of Sweat – the Wrap Up

Summer of Sweat – the Wrap Up

Summer of Sweat – The Wrap Up   Finally, at last, hockey season has started.  Just in time to wrap up my Summer of Sweat partnership with Gatorade Canada and see how my performance has improved on the ice.  I had my first games of the season this past Saturday.  Started the season with a […]

Let the Games Begin!

Let the Games Begin!

Let the games begin!   When: 6 Week Training begins July 16th >> Thursdays at 7pm   What: This training program will include strength components, Olympic and weight lifting, conditioning and some of our very own KFS kick-ass work outs.  If you’ve “played” with us in the Winter Games, expect more of a weight lifting component […]

Women and Weights

Feel confident in the gym and in your body. Details Want to be lean and strong?  Learn how to lift in our Women and Weights 6 week program.  You’ll learn how to incorporate weight training into your fitness routine with a small group of  like-minded women.  No experience necessary – all-star personal trainer Alicia (photo […]

How to Train for Free

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The more the merrier?  Power in numbers? We’re all about it! How you ask? With our referral program! Not only are you going to benefit your friend by getting them started on their fitness journey, but it’s going to benefit you as well! What’s in it for you? If any of your friends or family […]

Cycle with me – Benefits of cycling

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There are so many benefits to cycling, from boosting your memory, to building your muscles. Everyone can benefit from a cycling class, especially if you’re like me and can’t stand cycling in the rain. Now here is where I expect the acid rain or shine gear heads to turn there noses up at me but I […]

Are You Getting Enough Protein?

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Protein deficiency isn’t a myth.  It seems as though sometimes people associate protein consumption with body building and weight lifting only, as if this macronutrient is more important for people who train hard in a weight room than the average person.  First of all, protein is an essential macronutrient that everyone needs to consume whether […]

Kalev Fitness Winter Games

KALEV FITNESS WINTER GAMES: THREE WORKOUTS / ONE DAY On Saturday, December 14, Kalev Fitness Solution is proud to once again host the Kalev Winter  Games!  Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete we want you to show us and everyone else what you’ve got. Before the December 14 games, train with us starting […]

Winter Challenge

On Saturday, December 1 get ready for the… The Kalev Winter Challenge 3 Workouts 2 Levels 1 Day   Whether you consider yourself a beginner or elite we want to offer you the opportunity to show us and everyone else what you’ve got!   Train with our group to ensure you have the edge on […]


Remember the monkey bars? How about the exhilaration of running out to the playground, ready to hop, skip, and climb your way to exhaustion? Whatever happened to the days of non-stop fun, when playtime meant movement and going inside for dinner was like a prison sentence? When did free time turn sedentary and exercise a […]